Head Instructors of Mantrailing UK

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Lisa Gorenflo     Head Instructor & Founder 
  • Only certified Instructor with Mantrailing International in the UK

  • Part of a Search and Rescue team

  • Has her own Mantrailing dogs, Raina, a Belgian Malinois and Rufus, her operational German Wirehaired Pointer

  • Over fifteen years of dog training experience in sports and pet dog training, including a successful dog training business

  • SKN Certified

Dawn Heaton     Head Instructor 
  • Fully qualified Instructor & Assessor with Mantrailing UK

  • Force Free Trick Trainer (FFTT)

  • World Scent Dog Association (WSDA)

  • Real Dog Yoga Instructor

  • UK Disc Dogs Association (UKDDA): Authorised Instructor

  • UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor

  • Co-founder of Trick Trainer UK

Kathryn Jones     Head Instructor & Business Supervisor
  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing UK Instructor & Assessor

  • FdSc Applied Animal Behaviour Experienced Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviourist

  • Specialist in Aggression Issues in Dogs

  • Certified Security Dog Instructor and Handler (NTIPDU)

  • Associate Member of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association 

  • Trails with her German Shepherd, and two Springer Spaniels.

Gerry Moss    Head Instructor 
  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing UK Instructor & Assessor

  • Qualified her own dog to gain operation certification in Mantrailing

  • Part of a Search and Rescue team 

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Member

  • Animal Training Instructor with Animal Behaviour Training Council

  • Canine Conditioning Academy Coach

  • Scentwork UK Instructor

  • Real Dog Yoga Instructor 

  • Canine Hoopers Instructor

  • Canicrosser, Ultra Runner and Qualified Run Leader (LiRF)

  • Outdoor Adventurer and Lowland Leader

Kevin Motion     Head Instructor & Marketing & Tech
Roxy  Kevin (00000002).jpg
  • Fully qualified Mantrailing UK Instructor & Assessor

  • UK Sniffer Dog Instructor

  • WSDA (World Scent Dog Association) Blue Level Instructor & Level 1 Judge

  • Scentwork UK Instructor, Judge and Trials Manager

  • Canine Hoopers UK Instructor

  • Over 10 years working in the Rescue Field

Susanne Broughton    Head Instructor 
  • Fully qualified Instructor & Assessor with Mantrailing UK 

  • Scentwork UK trainer and judge

  • UK College of scent dogs qualified trainer 

  • UK College of scent dogs tracking instructor 

  • World Scent Dog Association (WSDA) instructor 

  • Trainer with the IMDT 

  • PPG registered 

  • UK Dog Sports Trainer and trials manager

  • Real Dog Yoga Instructor with the school of canine science 

  • Uses Mantrailing with reactive and rescue dogs to help them overcome behavioural issues 

Rhiannon Bevan     Head Instructor 
  • Fully qualified Mantrailing UK instructor
    UK Sniffer Dog instructor
    Fdsc in Applied Animal Behaviour
    Msc Animal Biology
    Studying for an Msc in Canine Behaviour
    Has studied CPD with the IMDT, Canine Principles, Compass education plus many more,

  • Secretary of the Terrier Club of South Wales
    has qualified and competed at Crufts multiple times

  • Specialises in Terrier training and behaviour, providing help and guidance to terrier owners and breed clubs all over the world. 

Yvonne Myers  Head Instructor 
  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing UK instructor soon to be assessor!

  • IMDT Qualified Trainer

  • UK Sniffers Gold Instructor

  • WSDA Blue Instructor

  • Canine Hoopers World instructor 

  • Aggression in Dogs Master Class Graduate

  • Member of PPN & Pet Professional Guild

  • The Dog Training College Canine Body Language Instructor

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Emma Cook     Head Instructor 
Emma Head Instructor.jpg
  • Fully Qualified Mantrailing UK Instructor & Assessor
    City & Guilds UKCSD Scent Detection Dog Handler & Instructor

  • UK College Of Scent Dogs Ambassador

  • World Scent Dog Association Blue Instructor and Level 1 Judge

  • Head Canicross Instructor & Co-Founder of the Sporty Paws Canicross Instructor Course

  • Member of the UK Behaviour & Training Charter Group

  • 7 years working in the rescue, welfare and training sector

Jane Sharp  Head Instructor 
  • Fully qualified Instructor and Assessor with Mantrailing UK.

  • 34 years as an operational Detection Dog Handler, Trainer and Team Leader with UK Border Force, at Heathrow Airport (the second busiest International Airport in the world).

  • Certified Advanced level 4 True2Life International training and behaviour.

  • Diploma in Advanced Studies, Southampton University, Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling.

  • Consultant for Action for Cheetah Kenya (ACK), Cheetah Conservation Fund Namibia (CCF), training scat detection dogs and WWF UK.

  • Experience of mantrailing with a dog reactive dog, who has grown in confidence and focus even around unknown dogs.