How do I apply?

To apply for our Instructor course please click HERE to download an application form., this form should be completed and returned to info@mantrailingUK.com

How long is the course?

Our instructor course is 5-days, split between two days of online theory and three days of practical training (including the assessment).

How much does the course cost?

This 5-day course is usually £2100.
We are offering an early bird discount of £300, making the course only £1500 + VAT.

A payment plan is available over three or six months including an additional administration fee of £50.

What are the requirements to become a Mantrailing UK instructor?

To get started contact your local Mantrailing UK instructor, they can be found by clicking HERE.

Your local instructor will be able to provide more information about availability, prices and anything else you will need to know.

My dog can't be left alone, can I still do the course?

Dogs are worked one at a time and it is important that they are able to be left alone while you are teaching on the instructor course. We would highly recommend you work on this as soon as possible once you are ready to join the course. If you are really concerned you could try to arrange for someone to be with your dog when you are teaching.

If none of the above is possible please get in touch with us to see what else can be done to help.

Do I have to be able to drive?

You can attend the course using any method of transporting you may wish, we would recommend being able to drive to allow you to use different locations when qualified, you would also need to make sure you have somewhere for your dog to be kept safe and out the way while you are teaching.

My dog is not advanced, does this matter?

The instructor course is all about your learning and teaching skills, while of course the more advanced you and your dog are the better understanding you will have the course is not about progressing your dog.  

Any other questions?

If you still have any questions about our Mantrailing Instructor course please contact us on info@mantrailingUK.com.