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Our STory


Mantrailing Global was originally born as 'Mantrailing UK' after Founder, Lisa Gorenflo, discovered Mantrailing in Germany and quickly became hooked. Upon returning home to the UK, she began searching for this kind of training but was disappointed to not find anything available. There was only one option: to start a Mantrailing club. At the time, Lisa already had an established dog training business so began introducing Mantrailing as a new service to offer her clients, all the while continuing her training in Germany gaining her status as a Certified Mantrailing Instructor.


As it received more and more interest, Lisa saw the benefits that Mantrailing was having on the participating dogs and their owners. She then made the decision to begin offering Mantrailing Introduction courses to her already thriving dog-training business. Very quickly, Mantrailing took off as a new dog sport and began to take up all of Lisa’s time! Not only did she have pet owners travelling across the country to participate, but other dog trainers became addicted and wanted to offer it to their clients also.


Eventually, Lisa made the decision to coach and train up some new instructors which developed into the esteemed Mantrailing UK Instructor course, or as it stands today, Mantrailing Global Instructor course: An international organisation maintaining high standards of Mantrailing training with instructors spread internationally across the globe.


Our Instructor course has been rigorously assessed externally for quality and assurance and holds CPD Certification. We pride ourselves in providing high standards of training to our Instructors across the globe to make the sport of Mantrailing accessible to dog owners internationally.

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