Are you ready to become an Instructor?

Updated: Jul 19

Joining the Mantrailing UK instructor team is not only an opportunity to be able to advance your mantrailing knowledge, it is the chance to learn new skills and join a community which supports your journey to teaching others how to get involved in this dog sport.

You are ready if…

…You are hooked on learning about scent. You have multiple books on it, watch the webinars and always read the latest research.

…You want to start a new business alongside your other job, even if your other job is not animal related.

…You love working with dogs and people.

…You think Mantrailing is an awesome dog sport and you can´t wait to attend the next session or to get started.

…You want to add another string to your existing dog training business and offer a great dog sport that any dog and dog owner can join regardless of the breed, age, fitness, temperament and skill level.

…You want to join a supportive community of like-minded people and further your skills.

Don´t worry if you are not business savvy. The course will provide you with the tools to run a successful business.

Joining Mantrailing UK is more than just learning to mantrail. Its about joining a community where we support each other on the journeys we go on.

We want to have quality over quantity for our students, and this is why the instructor course is by application only.

If you are thinking about becoming a Mantrailing instructor, you need to have participated in the sport with your own dog for at least six months if you live within the UK. (If you live outside the UK and you have no possibility to start your Mantrailing journey prior to attending the course, please let us know.)

We are launching our new buddy system soon, which allows instructors that have already signed up to an instructor course to shadow experienced and established in