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Tina - From Guide Dog to Mantrailer

This is the story about one of our Mantrailing-Teams, that go through thick and thin together!

The owner tells the story.

"Tinas story began with her life as a working Guide Dog. This career was not the one for her despite 2 years work it was decided to discontinue. Yes, she was sacked. She needed a home and we were looking for a Retriever as she was a Golden x Flat Coat Ret, her new home became our home.

After a few weeks of being unsure about her, a shaky start, we bonded well. So Agility classes began, with Obedience added. Tina did most of this well not everything with enthusiasm... Still needing more to do, someone suggested Gun dog Scurry. So this began late 2016. She took to this easily surprising really as her previous career was the opposite. Her enthusiasm overflowed when seeing a flying dummy, holding her back was impossible. She even won a few rosettes in the club shows.

We also registered her as a PAT dog and enjoyed visiting care homes and schools. Her Scurry career was not continued in Winter not being good enough to be a working Gundog. We met Lisa around this time, who suggested Mantrailing. This proved to be something she loved almost immediately.

Sadly in April 2017 she began to limp. Vet visits to Langford Vet Hospital and specialists throughout the summer, it was found that Tina had a tumour in the nerve of the left shoulder. The only option was to remove the left front leg including her shoulder and 2 ribs to get this tumour out.

After only 6 weeks of recovery and adjustment to her life, Tina was back on the trail - and she loved it! She hadn´t forgotton any of her skills.

Mantrailing has given Tina and me an ideal outdoor pastime with her back to work again, and the variety of tests keep me on my toes as well. "

Thank you to Jo for always being by Tina´s side and never giving up on her!

Jo and Tina at work



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